ReFocus Youth Support

Advice / Advocacy, Child and Family Wellbeing, Health and Fitness, Training in Schools, Youth Programmes

Refocus Youth Support for Dunedin schools is founded by Rowan Leoni to help youth in schools become upstanders against all forms of bullying either at home, online, in school or in social circles.

Rowan Leoni is a qualified mental health worker, youth worker, teacher aide and also have a level four qualification in disability support work. I started Refocus to help bridge the gap in schools around bullying prevention and to help give youth a voice!!

ReFocus Can help YOU by:

Giving you the right tools to manage, cope and find strength and confidence in yourself!

Providing a "strength in numbers approach" to help stand up to bullying behavior's!

Providing a fun and safe environment to be heard and build up your own self worth!

Providing a non judgmental approach (all are welcome there is NO discrimination!)

Providing a forum to formulate your idea's, thoughts feeling and help them become positive actions!

Collaboration with the school is a must however confidentiality is also upheld so if ReFocus sounds like an option for you and your school contact Rowan Leoni.