OCASA Otepoti Communities Against Sexual Abuse

Advice / Advocacy, Mental Health and Counselling Services, Social Support Services, Specialty Health Providers

Our services are available to women survivors of rape and sexual abuse (this includes sexual harassment), and this abuse could be current or historic.

We also support others supporting female survivors, which includes male/female/non-binary individuals who may be the survivor’s friend, colleague, partner, whanau member, etc. Note that we are unable to support people under 17 years of age. We have a 24/7 confidential phone support and call-out service. We can be called out to accompany/support survivors who may be going to the police, hospital or lawyer (note: we do not go to personal addresses). We also offer free, confidential counselling or face-to-face support if that is preferred. We are also happy to answer general questions and we can refer clients on to specialist agencies if we cannot offer adequate support