Access Ability

Disability Support Programmes/ Transition Support

Our role is to complete a Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination (NASC) for people with long term impairment /disability needs that meet the MoH eligibility specifications and are aged between 0 to 65 years.

Access Ability works with people to:

  • Identify their needs (Needs Assessment)
  • Look at the services available (funded and unfunded)
  • Arrange the appropriate support (Service Co-ordination)
  • Any person can contact Access Ability for themselves or on behalf of someone else.


  • After school care – van picks up from 7 schools
  • Home support for people with disabilities from 5 to 20 years of age
  • Weekend and school holiday programme
  • The Salvation Army runs a programme with those who don’t manage in mainstream schools to support them into employment.